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Cutting and reining trainer, Larry Trocha has created the ultimate horse training videos. In each video, you'll see proven, easy to learn methods that are guaranteed to work. Also get Larry's online training tips newsletter and video clips, Free!

Larry Trocha


Horse Owner's Veterinary Handbook

  Advances in equine research, medicine, and technology have had far-reaching effects on the health and longevity of horses. In this new, fully updated and expanded edition, James M. Griffin, M.D. and Tom Gore, D.V.M. have incorporated the latest information on veterinary horse care and disease prevention in both words and pictures. They have added two new chapters, Pediatrics and Geriatrics, recognizing the importance of these specialty areas. Owners will welcome their straightforward, easy-to-understand approach to a host of topics of interest and concern.


All Horse Systems Go: The Horse Owner's Full-Color Veterinary Care and Conditioning Resource for Modern Performance, Sport and Pleasure Horses

   This full-color comprehensive book, Dr. Nancy S. Loving, noted equine veterinarian addresses the challenges of keeping the working horse, “working.” With chapters devoted to cardiovascular, respiratory, neurological, digestive, and reproductive health, as well as the hooves, bones, joints, tendons, and ligaments, muscles, and skin. Dr. Loving provides a thorough understanding of the intricacies of the equine body as well as a ready reference for solving common problems and handling emergencies.


America Fights Back: Armed
Self-defense in a Violent Age

  There has been a lot of controversy surrounding this book and many are calling for it to be banned or trying to persuade major retailers from selling it. They are the same individuals and groups that demand the right to speak what they want to say being protected. We as Americans have the constitutional right to speak out and carry a big gun for protection of life and property. READ THIS BOOK!



The best way to save money when traveling around to horse shows and heading to the beach on vacation.

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